I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but I think it’s also worth posting in the tumblrverse.

Sexual assault is a problem EVERYWHERE. I’m getting frustrated that people consistently ask me if interpersonal issues (stalking, relationship abuse, sexual assault, or any kind of dating/domestic violence) are problems “at Vassar.” This is what happens when we’re tabling for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and curious parents of prospective students come up to our display. This is what happens when I try to explain to people what CARES does and why it matters. I consistently get the question, “Oh, is that COMMON at Vassar? Is that a BIG DEAL at Vassar?” Yes, it is. But it’s no more common at Vassar than it is anywhere else. It’s present wherever you’re from - at other colleges, in high schools, in hometowns. Organizations and programs at Vassar - Break the Silence, CARES, and SAVP - know it is present, name it for what it is, and take an active stand to address the needs of survivors and prevent the cycle from continuing. So stop asking me if it’s a problem “at Vassar.” It’s a problem, period.

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the world needs to be reminded that this exists.

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"Rape jokes are not jokes. Woman-hating jokes are not jokes. These guys are telling you what they think. When you laugh along to get their approval, you give them yours."

Thomas Millar, Meet the Predators  (via fuckinq)

my mom told me this when i was like 6. though not specifically about rape jokes, she just said “when people are being mean and you laugh, you are agreeing.”

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“when people are being mean and you laugh, you are agreeing.”

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Anonymous asked: I'm a little concerned at how much you distance yourself from the fact that you are a white, cis, queer woman. You often talk about white feminism and cis queerness as if you are not a part of that group, when, in fact, you are, and therefore complicit in racism, transmisogyny, and transphobia. I think you need to analyze your own position in these oppressions a little bit more.

You’re right, I am part of those groups. And yes, that makes me complicit in racism, transmisogyny, and transphobia.

I am not trying to distance myself from the dominant identities whose communities I belong to, but hopefully work towards doing what you’re saying - analyze my own position and call out myself and others within these communities when we fuck up. I also recognize that my position in dominant groups makes it more likely that my voice will unfairly be heard over marginalized individuals, and that is not my goal.

Anyway, I hear you, and I will work to internalize what you’re saying.

Anonymous asked: CAFAB isn't always appropriative, but it is nice to differentiate between FAAB and CAFAB


Anonymous asked: This is the same anon. I ran out of space. I also want to know why you are so against allies? I don't understand why gender politics has made equality so black and white. Why is it so wrong for everyone to ban together even if it is in a small way? I don't understand how anything could ever get done without the help of allies as congress is primarily cisgendered straight men. Also do you mind if I ask how you identify? Obviously you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

I’m also not “against” allies, but I am frustrated with privileged individuals who self-identify as “allies” and then don’t do any of the work that comes with dismantling oppression. And when they talk over marginalized groups. And when they perpetuate transmisogyny/racism/ableism/classism/whatever. And when they continue to call themselves “allies” without having done any work to dismantle the system that allows them to benefit from their privilege.

I’m a white cis queer woman.

Anonymous asked: So I realize and acknowledge that transgender rights are extremely important and I know that there is a ton of violence and prejudice in the system, but why are you so adamantly against cisgendered homosexuals recently? You may not be, but I have been sensing that from you most recent posts. Both cisgendered homosexuals and transgendered people face huge amounts of prejudice. I am seriously curious so please don't be aggressive like the rest of tumblr can be.

Hi, I’m not “against” cis gay folks, but I am frustrated with the way the (white) cis queer community operates to smother and exclude specifically transfeminine identities and POC. Just because someone has one oppressed identity doesn’t make them magically immune to being an oppressor, i.e. white feminists who are violently racist and gay men who violate women’s bodies.

I understand that you’re curious, and I don’t mind talking to you, but I also want to acknowledge that “aggression” usually stems from the anger people have towards their oppression and the resulting violence. Anger is valid.

Anonymous asked: Hey, it's generally not cool to lump cis lesbians with CAFAB people. It's appropriative because it is so often specifically about intersex people undergoing non-consensual so-called "corrective surgery." Cis white women talking about transmisogyny and leaving out the racial component of it when trans women of color are disproportionally affected by violence, job and housing discrimination, and all the oppression that comes from it is really suspect in itself.

Hi, thank you for the message. I think I overlooked the difference between CAFAB and FAAB. Those I meant to address were female assigned at birth individuals, and my word choice erased that there are coercively assigned female at birth intersex folks who you’re talking about.

And you’re right, ignoring the racial component also ignores that trans women of color face the most violence and discrimination. And yes, when cis white women do not acknowledge it, it is absolutely suspect.

I think I have more to think about. Original post has been deleted until I can better organize my thoughts. Thanks for your input.

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cis gay boys talking about how vaginas are gross


cis lesbian girls talking about how dicks are gross


Moral of the story: cis gays stfu and gtfo. Sorry not sorry.

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